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Marriage Advice to my Daughter

Everything I’ve Learned Since You Were Born

What would you tell your oldest child on the eve of her wedding? She’s old enough to be making her own choices, but she could certainly benefit from 24 years’ experience. Ken shares a few thoughts that have helped (mostly) successfully navigate marriage to the same woman since 1990.


And Other Grammar Error’s Too Irritate And Annoy

English, it is said, is one of the most difficult languages to master. Many of us have spoken the language our entire lives, and we still can’t figure out the nuances. What would happen if a bright-eyed college student and her grumpy old dad wrote a book that violates as many grammar rules as they can think of? Would you feel your IQ sink as you read it? Would you even notice the errors? We…

21 Days to Success with LinkedIn

Business Social Networking the Gnik Rowten Way

An exciting approach for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to maximize their success with LinkedIn   Building on the helpful information in 21 Days to Success Through Networking, fictional protagonist Gnik Rowten continues to develop a network of influencers, LinkedIn experts, friends, and business contacts. The LinkedIn power users with whom Gnik interacts are actual LinkedIn experts who have agreed to be depicted in the book. Each chapter ends with a summary of the key…

21 Days to Success Through Networking

The Life and Times of Gnik Rowten

Real-world situations, events, and challenges fuel the instructive insights in this relatable guide to networking. The book helps readers meet and prepare for reality by presenting scenarios through the perspective of character Gnik Rowten—“networking” spelled backward—who has made a fresh start in a new city where he has few, if any, friends, prospects, or business contacts. Lessons emerge by following Gnik’s life over a three-week period as he discovers and learns tools, techniques, and strategies…