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WOW! What a Day

First thing this morning, I looked at our sales rank on Amazon. We were #24,879. I was excited.  Last night, we were #190,000-ish. Right now, at 11:40 PM on Launch Day, we are at #1017.  (Our high for the day was #986) We’re book number 6 is the Business/Skills/Communication category (High for the day was #5) Wow. It’s been an exciting day. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.  Info Today for taking on the […]

Today’s the Big Day

Well, this is it.  Today is Launch Day. Ron and I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time.  It was exciting to decide to do the project.  It was exciting to get a publisher.  It was great to head to New York for the advance signing.  And now, we’re officially live. If you’re thinking about buying the book, today would be a great day to get it.  Buy it on Amazon, […]

Don’t Buy my Book

….Yet. Ron and I are excited about the book, and we hope that you do buy it.  But not today. We want to be Amazon Best Selling authors.  The easiest way to do that is to sell books. But if we have a single day where hundreds (thousands?) of our friends, families, and members of our networks invest $12.12 in developing their own network, we’ll get what we want. If we can get what we […]